About this initiative

While many of us are in our homes avoiding more COVID-19 infections, there are people who are working normally (hospitals, security services, places of sale of basic necessities), so that we can be supplied with food, safe and healthy, but Unfortunately, not all citizens have access to basic food at this time, since many live on their daily work and, by not working, they are not producing and as a result they do not have money to buy food

It is now when we must demonstrate our solidarity with all our brothers who need basic food.

Time to lend a hand without shaking hands!

Buy food baskets on this platform, basic food baskets that will be donated and delivered thanks to the main supermarket chains nationwide through the National Police and the Armed Forces to individuals and families who need food.

With the support of

- Foundation development of opportunities, needs and activities of transformation and productive incentive for national social organizations - DONATION, is a foundation legally constituted in Ecuador under Ministerial Agreement No. 17-00009 of May 8, 2017, which according to its statutes has as Objective: “Contribute to the execution, financing, consulting and development of social projects with a productive focus, own or from third parties, that develop products or provide services that finance their initiatives to protect, promote and promote a culture of respect and defense of rights of any type of living being, including vulnerable people and animals in terms of food and general well-being. ”